Celebrating VP Kamala Harris

In Celebration of VP Kamala Harris  Jan 20, 2021 Rus Ervin Funk    Gender matters.   I just witnessed Justice Sotomayor (the first Latina Supreme Court Justice), administer the oath of office to Vice President Kamala Harris. I was sitting on…

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Reflections on “safety” (GM 9)

Reflections on “Safety”   Rus Ervin Funk  Jan 8, 2021   Gender matters.   A friend and colleague of mine (a black woman) recently recounted an experience where she challenged “whyte supremacist talk” during a meeting. She reported that the responses from white folx in…

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Gender Matters: But Men Are Abused Too?

But Men Are Abused Too?  Rus Ervin Funk   Oct 29, 2020  October, as many of you likely know, is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (DVAPM) in the US. It’s the month every year that we are asked to pay attention: light…

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