Gender Matters: But Men Are Abused Too?

But Men Are Abused Too?  Rus Ervin Funk   Oct 29, 2020  October, as many of you likely know, is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (DVAPM) in the US. It’s the month every year that we are asked to pay attention: light…

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An Intro to “Gender Matters”

Why Gender Matters  Rus Ervin Funk  Gender matters!  The name of this blog series is meant to convey two different but inter-related themes:  a) that gender matters and b) that gender matters. What I mean by this is that with regards to just about any issue…

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Sometimes When We Walk the Talk, We Trip

Presented at Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church Feb 23, 2020 Opening Words From Gloria Anzaldua “…when you empathize and try to see her circumstances from her perspective, you achieve un conocimiento that allows you to shift towards a less defensive, more…

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