There are a lot of people who can speak eloquently about the need to engage men and boys, promote equity and inclusion in the workplace and prevent violence in your community. I offer you specialized training and technical assistance that help you do what it is you want to do.

Organizational Enhancement
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Meaningfully Engaging & Supporting Men and Boys

A lot of us struggle with how to best reach and engage men and boys. This is true in terms of violence prevention, gender equality efforts, in fatherhood and relationship services, and in terms of men’s own health and wellness.

I offer specialized training and technical assistance to support you to meaningfully engage and support men and boys, in ways that advance racial and gender justice.

Recent News

Asian Women’s Lives Matter (GM 13)

Asian Women’s Lives Matter!  Rus Ervin Funk  March 20, 2021    The news has been full of attention here lately about the rise in anti-Asian violence and harassment that has been perpetrated in the US in recent months. Some reports indicate as much as a 150% increase in reported anti-Asian violence and harassment since the pandemic began. On March…

Some Thoughts on Intimidation (GM 12)

Some Thoughts on Intimidation  Rus Ervin Funk  Feb 12, 2021     In a recent discussion group that I’m a part of, the topic of intimidation came up – specifically, white folx feeling intimated by black and brown men. To be clear, this is a white discussion group addressing racism and white supremacist culture, with the goal of…

Celebrating VP Kamala Harris

In Celebration of VP Kamala Harris  Jan 20, 2021 Rus Ervin Funk    Gender matters.   I just witnessed Justice Sotomayor (the first Latina Supreme Court Justice), administer the oath of office to Vice President Kamala Harris. I was sitting on our couch with my son (who is 11 and is white and male) snuggled next…