Recovering Masculinities

Recovering Masculinities is a curriculum and program for men currently in recovery.  The premise of Recovering Masculinities is that men in recovery have to re-define what it means for them to be a man and how they express their masculinity.  However, few recovery programs actually address in a direct and critical way, leaving men to their own devices to figure out how to be a different kind of man.  Without an explicit efforts to redefine their understanding and expression of “being a man”, men in recover are set up to relapse.

Recovery from addictions requires that men be vulnerable, actively ask for and seek support, develop emotional connection, and be accountable.  As human beings, we all have the capacity for these feelings, but the “man code” creates significant barriers to men’s ability to express these.  Furthermore, in many situations, men face recrimination (sometimes harsh) if they express these qualities that, again, are essential if they are going to be successful in recovery.

Specific “chapters” include:  

  • Examining masculinity (what does it mean to “be a man”, how does these factors contribute or undermine their efforts to recover, alternative ways to express their masculinity and exploring the supports they need to be successful.
  • Promoting equitable relationships (overview of domestic violence, elements of an equitable relationship, being accountable and making amends, sustaining an equitable relationship in the context of being in recovery, etc.)
  • Responsible fathering (how being addicted impacted on their fathering, being accountable and making amends to our children, responsible and engaged fathering while in recovery, etc.).

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Fee Structure

Facilitating the Groups

$1350 – $1800 for the 60 min version

$1800 – $2400 for the 90 min  version


$1250 plus expenses

Includes 7 copies of the curricula.


$12.95 each

Bulk rate: