Personalized and Custom Training Services

My goal in offering trainings is to help increase the comfort, confidence and capacity of the participants to integrate the content we cover into their efforts.  As such, I resist doing pre-packaged or pre-set trainings.  I aim to customize all trainings in order to best meet the folks you want to train where they are, and assist in developing their (individual and collective) comfort, confidence and capacity.

The customizing process is the work I do with an organization prior to the training in order to adapt the training to a particular audience, community and context and the follow up process.


  • Recovering Masculinities
  • What’s Wrong with this Picture
  • An Introduction to Engaging Men
  • An Intersectional Approach to Engaging Men
  • Creating a Welcoming, Respectful, and Valuing Environment
  • Meaningful Access:  Effectively Supporting Men and Boys


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Half-day training - $750 - $1000 plus expenses

Includes 3 hours of preparation and 2 hours of follow up.

Full day training - $1650 - $2100 plus expenses

Includes 5 hours of preparation and 3 hours of follow-up.

Hourly Training Packages

In these options, you get to decide a menu of possible uses of my time with you (for example, 3 one-hour workshops, one-hour of planning and a 4-hour training).  Fees are based on my hourly rate ($90 – $125)