What's Wrong With This Picture

What’s Wrong with this Picture (WWWTP) is a comprehensive project designed to support men in examining the impact of men’s viewing pornography.  The program includes a variety of products, resources, and services all of which can be used to educate, engage and organize men around the impacts of viewing pornography. Some of what is included:

  • A booklet that provides and overview of the impact of men’s viewing pornography
  • An overview of the 8-session program that walks men through the impact on thier viewing of pornography
  • Additional resources
  • Tools and materials

Nearly 90% of men view pornography.

What’s wrong with the picture that pornography portrays is that it is harmful to women, to sex and to men.  Without realizing it, many men who view pornography internalize the messages and norms that pornography reinforces.   This internalization has a demonstrated impact on

  • how men view women,
  • how men engage in and experience sex,
  • how men view masculinity,
  • men’s support for women or men who disclose that they’ve been raped,
  • the degree and intensity of men’s support for rape myths,
  • men’s willingness to engage as activist bystanders against rape and rape culture.

What’s Wrong With This Picture (WWWTP) provides tools, resources and services to  which men can explore the messages presented in pornography and examine the relationship between these messages and their own norms and values.  WWWTP offers a way for men to begin a critical examination and review of their own experiences of viewing pornography and the impact its had on them.

The core of WWWTP is an eight-session facilitated educational program to help men explore the impact of viewing pornography. This is not a program that addresses porn addiction ( for info in this regard or if you feel like you’re in need of services or support, go here: https://yourbrainonporn.com/). While it is clear that some men do become addicted to pornography, only a portion of men’s viewing of pornography can be explained by addiction.

While WWWTP is based on the premise that viewing pornography has many significant harms, the program is designed to work with men in a welcoming and non-judgmental way. The goal of WWWTP is not necessarily to stop men from viewing pornography, that would be a highly ambitious (and frankly unrealistic) goal for any eight-week program seeking to change behaviors. Rather the goals of WWWTP are to:

  • Encourage men to critically explore the impact of their viewing of pornography
  • Deepen empathy and compassion for women’s experience of pornography

In addition to this educational program, WWWTP has a booklet describing and overview, and additional resources and materials that are in constant development.

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For Campuses

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Content Explored

  • An introduction to pornography (which includes an exercise exploring how men were introduced to pornography);
  • How viewing pornography tends to affect how men look at the women in their classrooms, offices, neighborhoods, places of worship, etc.;
  • The lessons learned from viewing pornography on how to flirt, date, and negotiate sexual behavior;
  • The impact of viewing pornography on men’s attitudes regarding rape/sexual assault, dating violence, and on their willingness to interrupt abusive, harassing or hurtful behavior by other men;
  • Pornography and racism;
  • Ways men can act to challenge pornography and rape culture.

The curriculum is designed to walk you through how to facilitate this program. While you can probably facilitate this program very effectively by purchasing the curriculum, you are strongly encouraged to get trained on the facilitation of this program before attempting to do so.



$7.50 + $1.50 shipping and handling to order (bulk rates available)

This 35-page booklet goes into more depth about the harms of viewing pornography, addressing the content that is also explored in the program. This booklet is designed as an educational resource and can be used to help promote the educational program.


Available Summer 2018, from NEARI Press

Fee Structure

Group Facilitation

  • 60 minutes: $900 – $1200 plus expenses
  • 90 minutes: $1200-$1600 plus expenses


One day training (includes 5 copies of the curricula) – $1700 – $2250 plus expenses


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