Gender Matters! an Overview

Gender Matters!

Gender matters in how we think about ourSelves and how we interact with each other; gender matters in public policy, how budgets are formed, how our organizations are structured, even how cities are designed and buildings built; and gender matters in our advocacy and activism. Gender matters in all that we do, and in all aspects of our lives.  And yet, we, particularly as men, rarely pay attention to gender and the influence that gender, gender expectations and gender norms have on our thinking, behavior and interactions; and the social-cultural-political context in which we live.

Here we focus on how political, social and cultural factors are both influenced by gender, and impact on gender. We’ll also reflect on how race, sexuality, class and other factors are also influenced and impacted by these ranges of issues. 

Blog Posts

Reflections on “Safety” (GM 9)

Reflections on “Safety”   Rus Ervin Funk  Jan 8, 2021   Gender matters.   A friend and colleague of mine (a black woman) recently recounted an experience where she challenged “whyte supremacist talk” during a meeting. She reported that the responses from white folx in the room defined her behavior as “aggressive” and the need for them (the white folx) to…

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