Consulting & Technical Assistance

My consulting/TA services are another way that I work with you to develop your comfort, confidence and capacity to engage in the effort we’re addressing and are designed primarily to fall into four areas:

  • Engaging Men in Violence Prevention
  • Providing Services to Men and Boys
  • Promoting Healthy Masculinities
  • Creating a welcoming, respectful and valuing environment

Consultation and Technical Assistance includes services such as reviewing your policies and protocols to ensure they are most aligned with your goals and mission, assistance in developing a strategy to further develop your efforts; support in launching an initiative, troubleshooting challenges that you face as you pursue your goals; integrating some of these efforts into other programs and your overall mission; and using intersectional practices in these areas.

Fee Structure

Sliding Scale - $85 - $125 per hour plus expenses

Since every Consultation/TA effort is unique, the cost is determined by negotiation with each organization and community involved.  I will submit to you a contract of services, you choose among the menu of services I offer to determine which will work best for you.