For Campuses

College and University campuses are prime locations to engage men in critical conversations about the impact of viewing pornography.  Evidence suggests that pornography use is wide-spread on campuses — particularly amongst male students.  But campuses are also environments that seek to develop the critical thinking/living skills of students.

In addition, the work on many college and university campuses to address and combat gender-based violence often includes a host of efforts to engage students in critical conversations about gender expectations, dating practices and flirting with respect.  Within these efforts are increasingly initiatives designed to mobilize and organize men to respond to and prevent gender based violence.  These dynamics further support an environment that would be welcoming to critical conversations about the impact of viewing pornography.

There are many ways for you to being supporting men to examine the impact of viewing pornography, and here you can find resources and tools to help you to do so.  You are encouraged to explore bring the WWWTP Project to your campus.