Supporting Men to Seek & Receive Care

Many varied kinds of organizations, businesses and campus services struggle with getting men to access the services they offer.  Many provide excellent services and supports but continue to struggle with offering them in ways that men and boys seek.  The default ways that many of these organizations or service agencies rely on often inadvertently reinforce some of the very norms and messaging that actually harms men, or which reinforce the values that prevent men from accessing the services in the first place.

There is ample evidence that some of the reasons men don’t seek services have to do with the ways they understand themselves as men.  The “man-code” values of stoicism, invulnerability, self-reliance… create internal barriers for many men in seeking the support and care that they deserve.

But in addition to these, there are also inadvertent barriers that many organizations or services reinforce.  Furthermore, there are ways that organizations or services can work to shift the social environment, challenging some of these messages related to traditional masculinity, and create avenues for men to seek support.

I offer an array of services and resources to assist organizations and campuses to create environments and messaging that encourage men to seek the services offered.  My approach includes both the what to do and the how to do it (based on your campus or community context).


Engaging Men in Health Seeking and Support Service

Promoting Healthy Masculinities

Recovering Masculinities (Examining ways to integrate promoting healthy masculinities content explicitly into support and programming for men in addictions recovery).