We're Not Buying It

“We’re Not Buying It” is a social media and public engagement campaign that includes a broad array of resources and materials designed to help increase the understanding of the damage caused by sexual exploitation and begin changing social attitudes and social norms to decrease the demand for all forms of sexual exploitation.  

People aren't meant to be bought, and men aren't meant to buy.

The We’re Not Buying It Campaign invites men and boys (and the broader community) to join into publicly declaring:

  1. We’re not buying human beings to use sexually, and
  2. We’re not buying the lie that sexual exploitation is just a form of sex work and causes no harm.
  3. We’re not buying products that are sold using sexist or exploitative marketing strategies

Using a prevention approach to public awareness and community mobilization, We’re Not Buying It invites men and boys to publicly declare that they don’t buy it, take action to make their declaration meaningful, and support men to develop their confidence and capacity to take even bolder action.  

We’re Not Buying It supports men to take the following steps:

  1. Recognize the various forms of sexual exploitation and the ways that it is normalized in our culture. Pay attention to how prevalent sexual exploitation is and how encouraged men are to take part in exploiting women, children and men who are exploited, but also on the community as a whole. Sexual exploitation creates a spill-over effect that impacts on women as a whole;
    Recognize the ways that women and children’s bodies are used as commodities to market and the ways that this commodification of women reinforces a culture that normalizes and encourages sexual exploitation.
  2. Refuse to buy sex in any form: pornography, strip clubs, phone sex, etc.;
    Refuse to buy into the myth that “sex work” is harmless.  .
  3. Resist efforts engage you in participating in a culture based on and normalizing of sexual exploitation. Don’t purchase products from companies that use sexually exploitative, sexist or racist advertising. Consciously and publicly do purchase products from companies that use healthy, respectful and caring advertising.
  4. Respond by becoming an ally. Join the movement and publicly declares that you too don’t buy it. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join up as well. Access some of the resources here to develop your own education, activism and community engagement.
    Respond by finding ways to support the organizations in your community who work for or on behalf of the women, children and men who are surviving sexual exploitation.


In addition to these programs, I also offer a number of other training programs related to addressing Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Combating the Demand.