Engaging Men to Prevent Gender Based Violence

I have been working to mobilize and organize men and boys to prevent gender based violence for over 30 years. I focus on grassroots organizing at the community or campus level; and have helped to develop dozens of community-based, campus-based, state networks and national organizations.

My approach to working with organizations, communities and campuses focuses on the how of effectively engaging men in your context.  Building on your existing strengths and resources, I help to develop a campaign that can effectively invite men to join your efforts, and sustain their involvement.

I also focus on working to create the organizational, campus and community environment that supports male involvement and activism (through organizational culture, social norms, etc.).

Recent Presentations:

Men as Advocates and ChangeMakers for Women’s Human Rights  University of Louisville. (May, 2018)

Where Courage and Compassion Reside:  Using Compassion as a means to effectively engage men and boys in preventing violence. Presented at Ivy Tech Community College.  (April, 2018)

Addressing the Demand: Preventing Men from demanding women’s Bodies to Use Sexually  Workshop presented at the 2018 Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Conference. (April 2018)

Where Courage and Compassion Reside:  Engaging men to Promote Women’s Human Rights. Sermon presented at Clifton Unitarian Church, Louisville, KY. (April, 2018)

What’s Wrong with this Picture:  Supporting Male Students to Examine the Impact of Viewing Pornography.  Workhop at the Midwest Campus Safety Summit. (April, 2018)

An Intersectional Approach to Reaching and Mobilizing Men on Campus  Keynote at the MidWest Campus Safety Summit, Muncie, IN. (April, 2018)

An Intersectional Approach to Reaching and Mobilizing Men  Workshop at the annual summit of MultiCultural Efforts to End Sexual Assault.  (Feb., 2018)


Continuum-of-Mens-Engagement-revised  I created the continuum of male engagement as a conceptual tool specific to engaging men in efforts to prevent sexual and domestic violence.  The underlying  premise and perspective, however, is true regardless of what it is that you’re seeking to engage men to be a part of.  Based on this continuum, I  can help you to focus your target audience (i.e., which men do you seek to engage and which men are most engage-able for your program or service) and develop a strategy to engage those men.

Engaging Men Across the Social Ecology I developed this visual, base don the work of Dr Michael Flood, to visually depict some of the methods necessary for engaging men and support men being engaged across the social ecology.

Barriers-to-Engaging Men-Across-the-SEM  I developed this based on the work of Dr. Michael Flood as a visual depiction of the various barriers that inhibit men’s involvement.

(Note:  both of these tools are a part of my training: Using Public Health Theory and Practice to Engage and Mobilize Men to Prevent Gender Based Violence